Take Advantage of Every Event!

Today I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of CAO Chocolates, the chocolate shop of my dear friend Ricardo Trillos. It has been a dream of his and his family to open this shop for the longest time. After many years of hard work and sacrifice, their dream has come true.

All of  Ricardo’s friends, clients and fans showed up to support him. What a golden opportunity to put together a small promotional video?

Making a promotional video need not be expensive, time consuming or complicated. There are a plethora of free tools, both online and offline, that will help you transform a few photos and some candid iPhone videos into fun and compelling promotions for your company. Video is a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal, and it helps significantly boost your website’s SEO.

For Ricardo’s video I used Windows Movie Maker and my iPhone. All the images and media used to make this video were captured with my iPhone 4S, no need for fancy camera equipment. If you don’t have Window Movie Maker, you can always use any of the following free web-based programs:

You can also use services like Prezi and Slide Rocket to create great animated presentations, and easel.ly to create your own infographics. In tomorrow’s post I will show you how I created the video using Windows Movie Maker. You will not believe how easy it is.


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