The Blogger Challenge

This week, the Social Media Club of South Florida offered up a challenge to its members, a blogger challenge.

Blogging is vital to small businesses for so many reasons.

  • It anchors your valuable and useful content in one location where everyone can find it
  • It gives you a platform to put your talent and knowledge on display, and position yourself as an expert in your field
  • It can make you a resource, a solution to a problem that your prospective customer might have
  • It builds trust and enhances your online reputation

We all know we need to blog more, but it tends to be put off or set aside. Well, no more! I have accepted this challenge, and for the next month will write one blog post a day. Care to join me?  Here are the rules.


  1. There is no word limit
  2. The post can be text, a photograph, a video, a podcast, or mixed media.
  3. The blog must be a personal blog or your own company’s blog
  4. Comment on each others’ blog posts!

I will post my fellow bloggers sites in another post, and welcome everyone to follow them, comment on their posts and start blogging as well.



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