How to use images to boost your social media

Using Images to Boost your Social Media

Using Images to Boost your Social Media

The most effective social media marketing efforts one can implement are image driven. People might not have time to read your post at length, but they will have time to look at an image or watch a 2 minute video.  Pinterest is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms, and it is entirely image driven. Some industries just naturally lend themselves to graphic heavy posts; some are a little bit more difficult to work with.  If you own a restaurant, bar, or catering company, you can go crazy posting images of the foods you make, your kitchen, your staff or your premises.  If you have a retail store, you can post photos of in-store events, new products, customers of the month, etc.

If you are in the service industry however, working with images becomes a little more difficult, but certainly not impossible. If you are a CPA, an insurance agent, a financial planner, a dentist, etc. you can use images to draw in new customers, if you follow this advice.

1.       Pick images that tell a story about your service – make it personal!

Identify the benefits and solutions your business brings to your clients and find an image to go along with it. For example, an insurance agent can post an image of a cute baby with the following comment: Have you had a new addition to your family? Congratulations! Don’t forget to update your insurance policy make sure your new baby’s future is covered.

2.       Post images of your employees

Have an employee of the month, and feature them on your social media platforms. This will show how much you value your team, it will personalize your service (since now everyone is becoming acquainted with your staff) and will give the employee an incentive to share the company’s post with their family and friends.

3.       Post images of your location (if you have a brick and mortar)

Take pictures of your office, your day-to-day activities. Show people how you do what you do every day and what it involves.

4.       Keep your sense of humor

Make fun of yourself! Entertain your prospective clients. Remember, humor allows you to address serious concerns without upsetting or offending anyone.

5.       Post images of your favorite clients

This is a great opportunity for your client to brag about your services and for you to showcase your best work.

6.       Post images of events, conferences, workshops or other places you attend frequently

If you are highly involved in your community, which all small businesses should be, post pictures of your meetings and events. Make sure to let people know that you will be posting the pictures online, get their approval and ask them to follow your blog or like you on Facebook.


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