3 Burning Questions about Social Media for B2B

What social media metrics do you want to track?

Re-tweets, Facebook “Likes” and Followers? Track more impactful metrics, like:

  • Social inbound referrals to lead generation destinations (like landing pages or gated content)
  • Match social identities to existing identities in your database to track the impact of social media on your reach, pipeline, and even sales and revenue.

What are the best social media channels for B2B?

Quite simply, the ones where your prospects are. SlideShare and LinkedIn are social sites that tend to cater much more to business professionals. However, you still need to do some leg work first to find out where your prospects are, and then produce high value content that’s easily consumable on those sites.

How do collect this data on prospects using social media?

Track both who your leads are and what they do. Qualify leads based on their social identities and behaviors so you can see which ones are hot (likely to buy from you in the future) or cold.

Collect social data from tools like social sign-on; it lets prospects register for your content or offers using their social credentials rather than a traditional form. We know that the fewer fields someone needs to fill out, the more likely they are to convert. But more importantly, when you get a social sign-on, the social site returns are precious. This can be then used to augment contact data to do social segmentation or targeting.


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